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How Are You Perceived By Potential Clients?

A blog post by D.K. Raymer, Patient Protections Advocate.

Founder - Confident Aging For Attorneys

Old age is not a disease - it is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments, trials and illnesses. - Maggie Kuhn

In more than a decade of working with Seniors and the families, I've heard it all. And I've seen a lot, too. I've consulted with families from all ends of the economic spectrum on a variety of topics including institutional living, aging at home, home modification, companion care, skilled nursing, mobility solutions, funding resources, medical referrals, treatment availability, etc.

Over the years, I built a rock star team of professionals to refer my clients to for the answers they needed. One of the first questions I always ask my Senior clients is, Who is taking care of your legal needs? Of the Seniors I've worked with, only a tiny fraction has actually had an attorney at the time they spoke with me. Their attorney was either a family member or a friend, someone they had a prior relationship with and trusted. From the larger group - those without attorneys - I invariably get one of these three answers:

  1. Attorneys only want my money.
  2. They tell me a horror story (personal or happened to close friend) of an attorney who botched their documents, resulting in a staggering financial loss. This further supports Answer #1.
  3. I had other questions, but they didn't have any answers.

It should trouble you to think that the majority of your ideal potential clients view you with the same enthusiasm as a tax collector or used car salesman. And it takes a lot of work to turn around a negative perception especially when your messaging may be adding evidence to fan the flames of suspicion. Your laser focus on protecting your client's assets could be sending the wrong message, (e.i. They only care about my money.)

If you're busy with the day-to-day tasks of running your practice, it might be a good time take a few minutes to examine your messaging from the angle of how its resonating with potential clients. It's always easier to course-correct than riding a failed campaign all the way to the miserable end! Here are some questions for your consideration:

  • Do I care about how I am perceived by potential clients? (If not, there's no need to read any further. Godspeed.)
  • Is all of my messaging focused on assets? (marketing materials, presentations, etc.)
  • Do I do anything that would let potential clients know that I do care about what's going on in their daily lives?
  • How do I see my clients? (As Closed Business? Extended Family? Or somewhere in between?)
  • How often do clients ask me questions I have no answers for? (These questions pertain to real life, not assets or legal matters.) How do I handle these?

There is no right or wrong to these questions. I'm simply putting them forth to help you determine how you want to be perceived by potential clients. The ball's in your court.

Let's talk about it. Send me a note or subscribe below and let's change what your clients believe about you.

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