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Did The Holidays Hold Unpleasant Surprises For Your Clients?

A blog post by D.K. Raymer, Patient Protections Advocate.

Founder - Confident Aging For Attorneys

The holidays are over for another year.

Families are scattered nowadays, which makes the annual holiday gathering all the more important. We get caught up in the anticipation of reuniting with relatives (and yes, some of us dread it.) Either way, every family gathering is a mile marker, a time to remember the way we were "back in the day" and where we are today.

Holidays illuminate change – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And all those family gatherings often bring unpleasant revelations like:

  • Mom has really let housework slide. It’s embarrassing. 
  • The word ‘eccentric” no longer begins to describe Grandpa’s bizarre behavior.
  • And Dad had three fender benders since summer, but never bothered to mention it.
A funny thing happens when family members get together and talk. All those troubling little things everyone thought were “okay” become obvious to all. Siblings compare notes. There are usually some pointed questions aimed at the elderly offender. Anxiety rises. Family dynamics are revealed. Patience is tested.

January is always one of my busiest months. I am flooded with requests for help from younger family members trying to decipher all those vague non-verbal clues they picked up on during the holidays. These clues vary but they always indicate something has changed in the life of a parent or grandparent. Something needs attention. Their family is different than it was last year and that's unsettling for many people.

Do your clients bring these non-verbal clues to you? And how do you address them? Or do you? They certainly are a hot-button issue for countless Adult Children across the country. Maybe its time you helped them figure out what those clues mean, and what to do about them.

If you'd like help in this area, send me a note. We'll set up a time to talk. You can learn how to address these behavioral questions in a way that helps your clients over a rough spot, strengthens families and boosts your visibility within the community. I'd love to help.

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