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    The practice of Estate Planning and Elder Law is changing. Today, Seniors expect more out of life. They want information and resources to help them live well, long after retirement. Yet, this industry continues to bombard them with messages of infirmity, loss, diminished options and death.


    Your clients have far more questions than you've likely been answering. And they don't want to waste precious time and resources tracking down all the information they need to make sound decisions. They want a trusted guide.


    ConfidentAging365TM was created to help you meet the increasing information demands of your clients. Our training helps you boost your visibility within your community and become the go-to source for Seniors and their Families.


    Put our experience in patient protections & senior living to work for you. We'll help you build a new suite of informational programs and workshops to attract new clients, and better serve those you already have. Knowledge Is Power. Today's Seniors are tired of the status quo. They are looking for those who have answers. CA365TM can equip you to step up and lead your clients to a brighter, more empowered future. 

  • What If...

    You could see into your clients' future, anticipate what's coming down the pike, and provide them with knowledge, resources and strategies to protect them better than anyone else?


    You recognized potential collateral damage that could impact your clients and head it off at the pass to avert trouble for them?


    Your clients saw you as an invaluable extension of their own family, a trusted adviser, rather than "one of those" money-driven, opportunistic attorneys?


    You were known as the brilliant attorney in town that people want an appointment with?


    Schedule a Client Attraction Breakthrough Session today.


    When it comes to your client's legal matters, you've got that covered. But how do you counsel clients who ask those other questions - the ones about practical every day things they need to know? They're asking you, but you've had no answers... Until Now. CA365 provides you with educational presentations, workshops and other training Seniors and their Families actually want and need. They're filled with information to help them live independently, on their terms, and navigate the challenges of aging. We train you to become an indispensable source for your clients.

  • Presentations... and the Training To Deliver Them

    We create presentations for you that your clients -

    current and potential - are actually interested in. We'll equip

    you with the training and materials you need to

    expertly implement them.

    Build Your Network of

    Referral Partners

    Our take on Referral Sources is broader than you are probably accustomed to. We'll teach you who they are, where to find them,

    how to approach them, and what's going on in their world

    that makes them an ideal fit for you.

    Implementation Coaching

    We'll show you how to use your new found knowledge to showcase your practice, and increase your visibility within your community. We'll guide you every step of the way, from planning to debrief.

    Start Here.

    The first step on your journey to building a practice you love, is to schedule a conversation. No pressure. No obligation. We'll simply talk about your goals, your approach to your client family, and your vision of the future. Click the button below to learn more about our Client Attraction Breakthrough Session.

  • Knowledge Is Power

    Everything we teach you revolves around these key areas.


    Banish Fear. Live in Comfort. Feel Safe.

    Life is full of change. It's how we address each change that defines us. Transitions offers insight, reassurance, and solutions for the changes that await us all. Information provided here empowers Seniors and their Adult Children with knowledge. And that's invaluable.

    Patient Protections

    You Are Your Own Best Advocate.

    We count on our health care providers to work in our best interests, and help us stay healthy. But achieving the best possible outcome is difficult in today's complex healthcare industry. These trainings arm your clients with the knowledge they need to stay safe and offer valuable resources to help them stay healthier, longer.

    Hearth & Home

    Creating A Home That Ages With You

    Perhaps the greatest question we face as we age is, Where do I want to live in my Golden Years? Hearth & Home addresses all the options available, with emphasis on creating a safe comfortable home in which to thrive. Aging at home is possible... with a little planning.

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  • DK's Interview on The Law Entrepreneur. Give It A Listen.

    Recently, I was asked to appear on Neil Tyra's national podcast, The Law Entrepreneur to talk about Seniors - how to talk to them, what's important to them, and how to communicate effectively with them to address their needs and concerns. Neil is an Estate Planning Attorney and a wonderful host. I hope you enjoy this episode and find it enlightening. Click the image at right to listen to the broadcast.

  • Meet Our Founder

    D.K. Raymer

    Patient Protections Advocate. Senior Living Strategist. Branding Specialist.

    D.K. Raymer is an internationally published author, screenwriter, and speaker. She has dual careers in media and consumer advocacy. In addition to writing fiction for children and adults, she writes non-fiction guides for health care consumers, and on the topics of living independently, preserving family dynamics with aging parents, and Senior advocacy.


    She founded the Confident Aging program to assist attorneys with the communications challenges that so often accompany their work with Seniors. She has spent more than 11 years consulting with Seniors and their families on topics like:


    Navigating the health care system

    Making lifestyle changes to meet physical challenges

    Formulating strategies to help her clients age independently

    Aging at home


    D.K. is adept at creating media campaigns that connect with audiences. Her work for her entertainment clients garnered them exposure from: The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, Variety, Publishers Weekly,

    The L.A. Times, and scores of other nationally known media outlets. She brings three decades of content development and marketing knowledge to a new market - Estate Planning and Elder Law - to help better equip attorneys to meet the multi-faceted challenges their clients present. In doing so, Seniors and their Families will be better equipped to live the best life possible.


    D.K. is also the co-founder of a 501c(3) patient advocacy organization that focuses on the socio-economic impact of the nation’s health care system on families, business and communities.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on working with Seniors & Their Families.

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